Segula EES


In April of 2017, Eicher Engineering Solutions, Inc. was acquired by Segula Technologies.

Created in 1991, Eicher Engineering Solutions, Inc. is a global engineering consulting company providing design and engineering services worldwide. Backed by decades of design and development experience in ground transportation, Eicher Engineering Solutions, Inc. helps achieve lower cost, enhance productivity, improve reliability and innovative products. Our mission is to help clients develop efficient and affordable products. In order to achieve this mission, Eicher Engineering Solutions, Inc. carries out a strong vision to be the best engineering service company globally by providing high value to all stakeholders.

By offering turn-key engineering solutions, Eicher Engineering Solutions, Inc. is able to complement diverse engagement models from smaller projects to multi-year program support. Strategic partnering paired with global manufacturing suppliers allows an increase in Eicher Engineering Solutions, Inc. global market share.

Benefits of Working with Segula EES

  • Advanced Technology – Access to state-of-the-art development facilities, skilled resources, and latest hardware & software tools are available.
  • Faster Development Advantage – A 24 hour cycle can be constantly going by using time zone differences as an advantage. Our US led off-shore team increases the development process by working when our US team is out of the office.
  • ISO certified – Segula EES is able to guarantee quality processes at every step of the process.
  • Infrastructure – Offshore development centers have the lastest IT, HPC servers, and technological infrastructure available which reduces project start-up time.
  • Frugal Engineering – Competitive cost structures enables Segula EES to integrate design and analysis activities with blended rates for North American and/or offshore teams.