Integrated global product development

As your global engineering service partner you gain access to experienced management and global product development teams that offer the in-depth skills ranging from concept ideation to production final release. Our systematic design development processes combine sophisticated engineering tools in a streamlined process.

EES provides globally integrated product design development which leads to the rapid creation of competitively priced, high-quality products. In a broad sense, Integrated Product Development (IPD), is the overlapping, interactive, and iterative nature of the product realization process. This is a continuous process whereby a product’s cost, weight, performance and features, value, and time-to-market can lead to a company’s increased profitability and market share.

Our integrated  process encourages and promotes the following key development factors:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Customer requirements and satisfaction
  • Quality and reliability
  • Manufacturing methods and material selection
  • Assembly cost
  • Environment and scheduling

Early involvement of marketing/ program management, manufacturing, material, test, quality, and product support personnel in product development provides a multifunctional perspective and facilitates the parallel design of products and reduction design iterations and production glitches.

Experience, EES has a broad knowledge base in product technologies and product applications for many industries. We utilize this expertise during product development to optimize product design. We often Co-locate engineering teams to improve communications and coordination among all team members. We empower self-directed teams to have greater ownership and who are committed to development objectives, which improves the chance of a successful design on schedule and budget.

Developing robust designs. Our quality engineering and reliability techniques such as Optimization, Design of Experiments, DFMEA, Stochastics, etc., provide an efficient way to understand the role and interaction of product and process parameters with a performance or quality characteristic leading to robust designs and enhanced reliability. EES applies “lessons learned” from 30 years of development experience to avoid repeating past mistakes and we conduct formal design reviews to assure all design issues and risks have been appropriately addressed.

Integrated CAE, CAD, and CAM tools.  A key advantage in working with us is an integrated CAE/CAD process is that we provide a common digital product model to facilitate capture, analyze, and the refined product design data in an efficient manner. Our integration of these tools facilitate process design/definition with fewer errors, greater accuracy, and a reduction in lead-time to production.   A single repository of product data minimizes data handling, redundancy and errors as product data is used by various functions.

Simulation of product performance and manufacturing process. The development of 3D solid models with variation analysis and interference checking factored in the design allows for robust virtual mock-ups. Analysis and simulation tools such as FEA/CAE, plastic and metal process forming analysis, NC verification and software simulation can be used to develop and refine both product and process design inexpensively. EES emphasizes that these tools be used early in the development process to develop a more mature design and to reduce the number of time-consuming old school design/build/test iterations for mock-ups and developmental prototypes.

An Efficient development approach. EES customizes compact product development teams with highly experienced and motivated members. We minimize the coordination required with processes, skills, and a minimum of interfaces. We often create a “skunk works” environment by minimizing bureaucracy, empowering product development teams, and provide the required technical productivity tools. In addition, EES offers a variety of strategic services and engagement models that include strategic alliances, captive engineering centers, and specialized engineering, design, and analysis resources deployed to the customer site.

EES brings Total Value:  Design, CAE/FEA, Prototype, Onsite resource deployment, and High Performance Compute solutions that complement business strategies, practices, and the vision of integrated global product development