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Our Strategic / Frugal Engineering services include:

  • Concept redesign
  • Material Substitution
  • Process Conversion
  • Weight Reduction
  • Space Optimization
  • Assembly Process Re-design
  • Parts Standardization
  • Parts Integration/Reduction
  • CAE Driven Design Optimization

We offer a variety of engagement models to meet your specific needs.  Segula EES provides a global delivery model bringing resources from the United States, India, China, Europe. We provide flexible engagements for our clients from project based engagements to dedicated outsourced development centers as well as build-operate-transfer models.  Our models are proven to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs through mature systems and processes built over a two decades of serving customers.

Project Based Models

Fixed Cost Model: This model is suited for projects where the scope, schedules requirements and deliverables are clearly defined before the initiation of the project. In using this model, you can:
  • Limit scope variance, control costs and operate within a specified budget
  • Get clear visibility on timelines and milestones
  • Reduce your risk and have Segula EES responsible for the project deliverable
  • Expect on-time on budget deliveries provided there are no changes to scope

Time & Materials Model: This model is best suited for projects where the scope, specifications, deliverable and implementation plans are not completely defined when beginning the engagement or are expected to evolve over the period of the engagement.

This model provides clients with the desired flexibility to manage team sizes and costs as the project progresses in phases. In using this model, you can:

  • Ramp up and ramp down team size in synchronization with the market, project and release schedules
  • Adapt to evolving requirements
  • Get detailed visibility and control over the development process

Captive Development Centers or Offshore Development Centers (ODC) is comprised of Segula EES’s team of offshore consultants doing joint or outsourced work. Our team functions as an extension or replacement of your development team and offers you the benefits of:

  • Increased development bandwidth for meeting market and customer needs rapidly
  • Outsourced project management, establishment of best practices in development, maintenance and support activities
  • Having a flexible team that builds knowledge regarding your application and products that you can leverage over a longer period of time
  • Lower development and support costs
  • Captive Development Centers can be Hybrid or pure Offshore.

Onsite – Offshore Hybrid Model where a Segula EES Lead Engineer works at your location, in close collaboration with your Project Manager, over an extended period of time, and coordinates with the Segula EES offshore team.

  • Reduces the time needed from your team to coordinate tasks and write business specifications and RFQ’s
  • Allows you to extend your day and realize greater productivity and faster results
  • Helps you manage offshore and outsourced work quickly and easily since some tasks with tighter deadlines or that require close discussions with your team can be accomplished by the Segula EES onsite engineer
  • Captive Development Centers can be Hybrid or pure Offshore.

Offshore Development Center: Segula EES operates an ODC for you where your team is offshore and works in close collaboration with your designated Project Manager. Segula EES has proven communication models, infrastructure and best practices in management of seamless offshore or outsourced development operations. The ODC model has been perfected over the last 20 years by Segula EES and offers highest cost advantages and ROI to clients (about 30-45% reduction in cost on average over a 18-24 month period)

Offshore Dedicated Team: Dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) relationship model might be the right remedy to realizing your strategic engineering objectives, if your engineering strategy aims at:

  • Taking advantage of special engineering skills
  • Extending your in-house engineering development staff
  • Augmenting your product development
  • Strengthening product QA
  • Obtaining greater flexibility with the resource utilization
  • Reducing the time to market
  • Experience off-shoring and near-shoring product development services for a decade, we have gained and honed the cutting-edge technical and functional skills to effectively manage custom development projects in distributed environment.

Advanced Product Development Team: Segula EES offers specialized services in the advanced product development arena. Segula EES can provide develop, manage, migrate, support, host and operate your product development department using our development team and Partner ecosystem.

  • Segula EES will design, develop and migrate to you the desired functionality for your product development team as a service
  • Act as a business consultant and integrator to add new capability and value from other vendors such as Design and CAE software developers, material suppliers, manufacturers, or develop additional in-house functionality, to offer more value to your clients
  • Work with you to maximize your revenue model, offer customer satisfaction, establish quality benchmarks and manage change within your organization during the transition to Segula EES

Outsourced Model: In the outsourced model Segula EES will work with you to manage your entire advanced engineering operation on an outsourced model. While you concentrate on strategy, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Develop and manage your products
  • Manage business processes and day to day engineering services operations in your company such as research, development, design, analysis, prototyping, HR

 Captive Center: Some companies reject outsourcing to third-party vendors and instead opt to start their own local subsidiaries, a process that frequently is not as smooth as expected. Various obstacles such as legal, taxes, hiring, and management may be faced thru-out the set-up process. While some eventually attain a steady state, others struggle, and a few even close down their operations. The failures of these captive subsidiaries have led to the evolution of a new business model in the offshore service industry called as captive transfer traditionally known as BOT.

  • The logic behind the BOT model is the offshore partner can initiate operations and reach operating stability much faster than it can with an in-house effort.
  • BOT model provides our business partners with bottom-line enhancements and fully offloaded costs, risks, and ownership of the new venture.
  • The risk of execution is minimized, and business partners can spend their money on core functions.